Saturday, February 04, 2006

Bow Down to the House of O

I'm feeling better, finally got to take a 2 hour nap with Husband home. Wow! I got some comments! This is so fun! Thanks!
Even though we are not to worship false gods, I worship a goddess: Oprah Winfrey. Fellow O Fans, please excuse my caricature, I'm just starting to pick up black sharpie again and I'm a little out of whack. Little synopsis of my ideas of what I can remember from last week's shows:
Mary J. Blige: Rocking the House! But, she was skirting around the issue of how her and her husband took Jesus Christ into thier heart and said 'SEE YA!' to all thier non-Christian friends. I will still pick up her CD, because I do whatever O tells me.
Chapelle: Husband and I are BIG Chapelle Fans, but the dude does seem a little paranoid. O sketch still makes me laugh!
Brothers with Father in Prison: Made for TV Movie or what? Though, I am not sure if anybody caught when one of the brothers said, 'My Mother was a good wife to my Dad, she listened and she never questioned.' Well honey, look where that got her! A husband who robbed banks. 'Oh, better not question my husband even though he has a sack full of money and a black mask hanging in his closet.' She's better off without that twat.
Anderson Cooper & Lisa Ling: Husband was too busy looking at Lisa's boots and skirt to give a crap about what she was saying. I personally don't think you should give gang members any airtime whatsoever, it only puffs them up even more and gives them the 15 minutes they shouldn't have. I love Anderson Cooper, hard for me to conjure those sad images of the Sudan. But, I always have the kleenex nearby when watching my O!
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