Monday, February 06, 2006

No Shower? No Problem!

If you have not taken a shower in a couple of days and are having friends over (like for the Superbowl) or just need to go out to the grocery store with kids in tow, here are my tips for you to get that glamorous Mommy Look. WARNING: This look only lasts 2 hours AT THE MOST, and then you will look just like you did before: greasy hair, bags under your eyes and a stained sweatshirt, and honey, after 2 hours, no amount of m.a.c. makeup is gonna do you any good. So listen up!

Remember, this look will only sustain you for 2 HOURS! Then, it all starts to crumble away and then you will look like that sweet homeless woman who picks our cans out of our garbage every week (though, she does not have shimmer on her eyes, though I guess I can always suggest it when she comes by... just a thought). Good luck!

For blow by blow Superbowl ad talk, go to And I just have to say regarding Jessica Simpson: when her Dad was describing her stardom he said something like 'well, of course she is so popular, she is very sexy.' OKAY, CALLING YOUR DAUGHTER, SEXY? That is just too gross for words... this guy needs a wake-up call.

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