Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Surprise Flower

I never know what is going to come up in our yard. Is this a lily? It was a nice surprise, I love the pink. It reminds me of pink ribbon candy. Make myself a promise to weed and snip today.
Superbowl Halftime: This has been on my mind... I could not hear the pre-game Stevie Wonder show. Which seemed to be really rockin. Couldn't hear my favorites, India Arie, Joss Stone or John Legend. THEY should have been the halftime show. I know this is very suburbia cliche, but usually the wives come in at half-time and the husbands go out and play football with the kids. This year, the wives decided to stay outside on the patio and keep talking because no one wanted to watch Mick shake his saggy bottom. I think its a generational thing:just not that into it. Best musical ensemble I saw last year was the Kennedy Awards: a tribute to Tony Bennett: John Legend, Diana Krall, Wynston Marsalis, but I could have done without Vanessa Williams, but Husband could not. Will Tivo the Grammies tomorrow, got to see what dress Mariah has sqeezed herself into this time. Though, I'm a big fan of Emancipation of Mimi, can't go a day without singing: 'hold up, my phone's breakin' up, I'm gonna hang up and call you right back, Gotta Shake it Off! Unfortunately, my kids sing it too. Bad Mommy!
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