Thursday, February 09, 2006

Did Ya' Pick up the Poop?

This is Thursday. Every Thursday Husband comes home and the first thing he says is, 'Did Ya Pick up the Poop?' I have asked him to stop and say something different when he walks in the door, like, umm HELLO? No, Husband is focused on getting the garbage to the curb and if dog poop is not picked up in the backyard, it's like a sh*t landmine for the next week. He says this question is automated in his brain to ask me every Thursday and it just 'comes out.' One Thursday, I got so mad, I said: "YES, BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT MY LIFE IS ALL FRIGGIN' ABOUT, IS PICKING UP DOG SH*T!' Husband just calmy asked again 'so, is it picked up?' Anyway, will gladly pick up the poop for our Golden Girl: Jessie. Jessie in Tahoe
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