Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Nursery Rhymes for Mommies

Pick up Styx
One, Two
Pick up their shoes
Three, Four
Shut Your Door
Five, Six
Find Pancake mix
Seven, Eight
Always Late
Nine, Ten
Start Over Again.

I'm not one for the traditional nursery rhymes. I don't even think we own any Mother Goose books, come to think of it. When I read to my daughters, I like to change the wording around...the princess' go away to college, travel and THEN marry if they so choose to. Or if I'm tired I say 'and they lived as friends for a very long time.' We did have a Humpty Dumpty book though, which our oldest daughter would worry very much about Humpty falling. Even though he was put back together again, daughter said 'he's not the same.' So, we stopped reading that one!

On Another Note:
Baby Powder is having a very interesting discussion about breastfeeding. I won't go into it here since I am very much done with it, thank you very much. But, I really do find all the difference of opinions pretty fascinating reading. Go check out the posts, interesting I tell ya!

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