Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Hope Floats

About 5 years ago, when I was visiting my aunt and uncle in Texas, my aunt had asked me if had seen the movie, Hope Floats. For some reason I said 'yes' even though I had not. I think I answered 'yes' because I didn't want her to think I had not seen the one and only movie that was shot in their little hometown of Smithville, TX.
My aunt had then procedeed to take me on a 'Hope Floats' tour of Smithville, where every live shot had ever taken place. She showed me the house they used in the movie, where the actors had eaten, had taken their breaks, where new sets were built, etc. etc...
Well, I finally got around to seeing the movie last night, and can finally appreciate all her Hope Float movie facts. It's a pretty good movie. I liked how the female character (Sandra Bullock) doesn't have all the answers and she doesn't try to sugarcoat her messy divorce details from her young daughter. But, I ESPECIALLY liked, no LOVED, Harry Connick Jr. in his 501's! YES SIR! NOW, THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKIN' ABOUT PEOPLE! Unfortunately, there were no photos of his butt in 501's at the Smithville historical museum, I will have my aunt get right on that.
Best Actors in the Best Butt 501 Category
1. Josh Holloway, Lost
2. Dennis Quaid
3. Kevin Costner
4. Harry Connick Jr.
5. Jessie Metcalf, Desperate Housewives
Okay, I know I probably left a lot of hunky men out, but I gotta go make dinner!
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