Saturday, May 20, 2006

Off to Santa Cruz, leave comment for renter

Hi all,
even though its a hazy & cloudy day in Santa Cruz, we cannot pass up invitation to 'sit' (ha-ha, we have kids) by the ocean and have a b-bq at a friend's beachouse.
My renter, Clusterfook is writing her little butt off in her own blog-a-thon, to raise awarness on cancer (was she diagnosed with ovarian cancer?) and about her missed doctors appointments and serious weight gain. I applaud her for being so honest about her life. If you can, please shoot her a supportive comment.
Will try to take some good photos to share! PEACE OUT! (yes, I'm back at university with a bunch of 'young-uns' and that is how they taught me to say goodbye).
Photo: trying to sit and study while my inlaws' dog Misty comes to say hello.
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