Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Kids Art

I went to my daughter's art show last just get so giddy seeing your kids artwork displayed! It's such a special moment.
Why are the arts and music the first to go when it comes time to cut classes? Don't you find that so sad? The art and music program at our elementary school is COMPLETELY run by parent volunteers and financed through donations and grants. I know its all about standardized testing now, but I do want my daughter to know the beauty of listening to a violin or looking at a Picasso . When they are young, that is the PERFECT time for them because they are so uninhibited and are so free with thier pencils and paints. Nothing is wrong, it's just pretty to them. Or the music just sounds 'loud' and 'neat.'
That's all, that is my only point today. I'm sad that there's not enough exposure to more arts program to more students.
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