Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Hitchock in Suburbia

First of all, this bird. This bird has been tapping at our window EVERY DAY for the past couple of weeks. I tell Husband he better put some more bird food out in the feeder or that bird is going to bring all his buddies and its going to be like a Hitchcock scene in our backyard. I'm scared of this happening:
I will go out to feed the dog. I will hear one bird flapping to sit on the wire above me. Then another. Then another. It's eerily quiet except for my dog's tail thumping on the cement, waiting for me to put down the bowl. I will slowly slowly start walking backwards towards the back screen door and as I do, I look up and see there are about 80 birds all sitting on the wire. I will then grab my dog and make a run for it !! WE JUST MAKE IT INTO OUR HOUSE AND THEN I SLIDE THE SCREEN DOOR SHUT AND THEY ALL FLY INTO THE WINDOWS AND then some of them die. BUT SOME DON'T AND THEY ARE PECKING FURIOUSLY AT MY KIDS BARBIES THEY LEFT OUT BY THE HOT TUB AND CRAPPING IN OUR SANDBOX!'
So, you see what happens when you forget to put out the bird food?
tap tap...tap tap....tap..tap..
here I am at the actual schoolhouse where they filmed some of Alfred Hitchock's 'The Birds' in Bodega, CA.
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