Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Hoot, Hoot!

My daughter loves bird watching.

As I was driving to pick up Youngest Daughter today at preschool, a city bus passed by with a huge advertisement for this new movie called 'Hoot.' My oldest daughter wants to go see this movie after seeing the the previews at the Shaggy Dog (sometimes it would be easier to see these kids movies if they had a margarita machine at the snack counter...'yummie! I will have a strawberry please and no butter with that, watching the calories here.').
My Oldest Daughter looooves animals, but even when the Shaggy Dog was about to have a needle put in him, she let out a loud scream. She nearly had convulsions when watching Benji and when we rented 'Lassie' she just cried and cried when she thought Lassie drowned in the river (and Husband and I were fighting back the tears as well).
But, even though some owls may die in this movie (I haven't read the book!), I know I want her to see it. The movie is how 3 middle school students who are trying to save some endangered owls in Florida, when developers want to bulldoze the owls habitat. And even though I'm not a fan of making people seem whole heartedly bad, like the 'big bad developer' and the 'big bad politicians' (in the Shaggy Dog it was 'the big bad scientists')....what I do want her to know is this:
If not you, than who? If not now, then when?
Okay, is that quote from someone famous? I thought of it when driving and it was just in my brain somewhere, but was it put there by an author?
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