Saturday, April 15, 2006

We Believe in Santa & Easter Bunny! I'm Back!

First off, I have had some technical difficulties and want to thank my blog designer Baby Jane Blogs, she is an amazing designer and was a big help when I royally screwed up my template! Check her out, she's created some beautiful blogs.
Thanks for all who offered to help and I know I'm behind on some tagging games which I will get to next week before we leave for vacation!
But, I wanted to say Happy Easter to all you wonderful bloggers out there! Since we are not having our Easter egg hunt at our house this year, I was trying to think of what I could do to show my girls that the Easter bunny showed up...little melted chocholate bunny 'turds' in the yard? No, too time consuming. Jelly beans all over the grass? No...ants galore. Then, I thought I would leave little bitten carrots and some chewed lettuce on the patio that the Easter bunny can eat healthy! Photo: 2003: Mall Bunny's head is WAY BIG!
For Christmas, I took some jingle bells and rang them outside their window to make it like Santa's sleigh was coming so they would fall asleep. I accidentally tapped the window with the bells, so to this day, my daughter thinks that one of the reindeer almost crashed into her window.
As we were 'helping Santa' put out the toys on Christmas eve around 10pm, our young neighbor came over dressed up as Santa to say 'ho-ho-ho' to the girls (to scare them more like it)! We took photos and left the girls a note with his picture saying 'thanks for the cookies, be good girls, and NO WHINING!' They were THRILLED! So, thanks to our neighbor for getting a little tipsy and walking through our neighborhood with a fat Santa Suit spreading good cheer!
Have a great wknd and a wonderful Easter!
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