Saturday, April 01, 2006

David Horowitz Moment

If you all don't know who David Horowitz is..he's that consumer activist guy who when he feels he has been WRONGED by a company, he takes ACTION!
YES! That is what I did. Last week, I bought some Kettle Chips at Safeway. Loooove Kettle Chips! So, I was very excited to open the bag and start munchin'. But, I was very irked when I opened the bag and found it only a quarter full. I really bought a bag of air with about 15 chips and some crumbs...
Now, maybe this is the universe trying to tell me that I don't need to add any more weight onto my bulging body..okay I get that. But, JUSTICE still needs to be served here people! What if this was the ONLY bag of chips I could afford all year, and I got really gypped! (umm, is that an un-politically correct term, does that offend gypsies?).
So, I wrote a letter to the Kettle Chip offices in Salem, OR. with this diagram of me feeling very sad. I hope they respond.
Here are my 3 favorite chips which I'm really not allowed to buy because they will be gone in 24 hours.
1. Kettle: Krinkle Cut, Beer&Cheddar, the new Thai flavor, Salt & Vinegar...
2. Lays, plain. (I put hot sauce on it!)
3. Ruffles with french onion dip which I only buy on New Years Eve
Okay, maybe now that I have written about chips, they will not hold the same allure, cause I really want to wear shorts this summer...*sigh*
Let me know some of your favorites that make you turn into a 'chip eating machine..'
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