Friday, March 24, 2006

Find Beauty in the Mundane

Do you know why I love blogging? Cause you can do whatever the hell you want!
I just want to give kudos to all the female bloggers today (males, you will get yours, but not today!). Why do we blog? Cause we have the need to create and let off steam and maybe because friends and family are tired of listening to all our crap and we need somewhere to go. So, here I am. And so are you. Good for you.
In the need to be more of a creative person and not just feel like a mom driving a minivan who is *COMPLETELY* out of fashion this year...I started to carry around my digital camera. I was at outside of Husband's office building last week, when all of a sudden, a red-tail hawk flew overhead. It was beautiful, so I snapped and snapped. It was beautiful in itself but also beautiful because it was so this Silicon Valley business area where you are so used to seeing structure and see something so majestic!
Also, last week, I bought myself some red tulips at the farmers market. I know Husband says we need to cut back with our finances, but $5.00 seemed worth a week of beauty in my living room. Plus, when you get the chance, go buy yourself some flowers. Cause, baby, you're worth it!

I rented this week from Jaded Sunburns:, she's soooo funny! Check her out!
I also rented from Lotion Bunny/I Need to Vent: I bought some of Lotion Bunny's products for my daughter's senstive skin, its so hard to find natural lotions for her!
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