Thursday, March 16, 2006

Loser Mommy Award

I'm a schmuck. I walked into my daughter's pre-school class (late as always), and I saw all the kids in green and the whole class decked out in green and decorated to the hilt for a St. Patricks Day party. My heart sank. I completely forgot that it was her St. Patty's Day party and dressed her all in red (her Valentine's outfit!) and had brought no treats to contribute to the party. What a lame-o! I deserve the 'Loser Mommy Award' today.
Now, ususally, I cut myself a lot of slack, and don't award myself these ribbons very often. But, today, well, sometimes you gotta admit when you have f*&!cked up. It's not like this is going to send her to the therapist couch or anything, and I think its more embarassing for ME since I will get those 'sad looks' from other Moms when I go to pick her up, 'oh, look, there is the pathetic Mom who forgot about the party, AND, did you hear, she didn't even bring CUPCAKES!' Well, I mentally wear this ribbon proudly today!
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