Wednesday, March 01, 2006

George Michael Apologizes to the A.P.P.

George Michael Apologizes to the Associated Pissy Press: "I'm sorry, I was stupid. That was dumb to leave drugs in the car. They should have been in my underwear drawer." "But, the cops did treat me right, no complaints. When they took me down to the station, they handcuffed me, stripped me naked and turned a firehose on me; reminded me of my much younger sexual days actually!"
"I was very sad I did not spend more time in the jail cell. I did have to borrow this top from a sick looking hooker, but then I started writing a new song ..',Wake me Up Before the Ho Blows.' Then that is when Blake came and picked me up with my new Armani suit, and we went home and my dogs were very happy to see me."
George, this reporter has loved you since Wham! and I have everyone of your CD's, and play them often. So, shape up mister!
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