Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Doodlebops Creator Hooked on Acid

BURBANK CA.-The popular kids tv show 'The Doodlebops' is due to be cancelled at the end of the month. The creator of the show, Josh Grinswald admitted that he can't write the show without taking two tablets of acid and stripping naked, before sitting down to his computer.
"The idea of the Doodlebops came to me during a trip to Eureka, CA. I was sitting in a sweatlodge with some Native Americans eating peyote plants, when one by one, each of the Doodlebop characters came to me and starting singing and stroking my hair with their big hands, it was very sweet."
The show is known for it's repetitive introduction song which parents are unable to get out of their head once it's in there. Grinswald is sad that the show is ending, but happy to get 'cleaned up'. He will be leaving for rehab at 'The Wiggles' Rehab Center, where hit songs such as 'Fruit Salad' and 'Henry the Octopus' will be sung to him as he undergoes detox.-Associated Pissy Press
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