Monday, March 06, 2006

Oscar Dress Opinion From Fashion Victim Mom

Yes, I'm sitting here in my sweats and flannel shirt, judging the Oscar dresses. I do it every year, pour over photos of the celebrities and the gowns and watch those horrible entertainment shows ON MUTE just so I could see dresses that I can never ever wear or even afford a part of a shoulder strap. Here are my 3 favorite gowns and being Latina, my first two picks are sooo predictable:
1) Salma Hayek: Versace Turquoise..Curves..Gorgeous.. Made the movie Frida, what more can you ask for?
2) Jennifer Lopez: Rita Watnick Olive Green...More Curves..Little too much bronzer but looked glamorous none the less. Note to J.Lo: lose the controlling husband
3) Bahar Soomekh: Don't know who made the dress, love the daffidol yellow and loved her in Crash.
Terrence Howard: Best Tuexedo: because I watch those fashion shows on MUTE, I don't know who designed it. Loved the jewled pin on his lapel. Even though it was hard to watch Hustle& Flow because of the subject matter, he just drew me in. Felt the same about his performance in Crash.
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