Thursday, March 23, 2006

Zaboo Brothers & Joe...eye candy?

Eye Candy Kiddie Shows: Part 2
Okay, so sugarmama totally reminded me that I forgot the Zaboomafoo brothers on PBS (see her comments on Tues 3/21 post) as kiddie show eye candy. Yes, the Kratt Brothers are pretty hot, and their shorts fit them very well. Okay, so yes, they can bring their jungle of animals into my bedroom anytime... (except, leave the pig at home).
Now, some of you mentioned Joe from Blues Clues...whaaat? So, maybe I can sort of see this whole boy next door/Mrs. Robinson fantasy you all got going on with him... but he's gotta get rid of that orange baggy sweater, go put on a tight Armani Exhange T-Shirt baby boy and go search for those clues!
Okay, enough! It's a gorgeous 70 degree weather day here in Northern Ca., and I gotta get outside!
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