Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Pirate John Helps with Potty Training

I created this little character to help my nephew with his potty training. I sent him a card that read something like this:
'When Captain John sails the stormy seas, even he needs to stop to pee.'
Well, even if it really didn't work with him, I know it cracked my sister up. I just have to say when it comes to potty training (which we are done with, thank God!), you can spend a lot of $$ on books and potties and things. I did end up buying that 'singing' potty for our daughter and she did use it, but she prefered the 'grown up' potty better. So, in a way, it was a little bit of a waste of $25.00!!!, but the jokes that we all had about if it could REALLY sing: 'Oh..I like it when you pee, inside of me...now you get a treat, for squatting with your feet!' I think those funny songs we all made up after having too much wine, well I guess that's worth it!
And I'm sorry, when I would read those potty books to my daughters, oh, boy...I would have to bite my hand to keep from laughing. Sometimes, I just couldn't help myself and say, 'oh my! she missed the potty and took a big stinking dump on the floor!' But, believe me, they were so immersed in watching these characters sit on the pot, they didn't notice my ad-libs.
Oh, and one more piece of advice, if you buy the book that makes toilet flushing sounds everytime your kid pushes the button: don't bring it to church, your priest or pastor will really not appreciate it!
Kids potty train when they are ready, any type of forcing of this process..will definately come up in a session with their psychoanalyst in 30 years!
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