Saturday, March 25, 2006

Fatal Attraction Night

One of my favorite lines in the movie, Fatal Attraction is when Glenn Close roars 'I WILL NOT BE IGNORED...."
I decided to pull my own little Fatal Attraction moment the other, no knives or boiled bunnies or anything like that...
Husband has decided he is controlling the heat this save costs and all that nonsense. So, he has 'locked' our thermostat so I may not turn up the heat. The other night, my teeth were actually chattering as I got up around 3am to let our cat out. I stood there in our dark kitchen, as cold as all heck, wondering what I could do to get that heat turned up. I was angry I wasn't in my pink silk pajamas and instead, wearing a stained sweathirt and sweats WITH a scarf wrapped around my neck...
I stood there thinking...he will pay, he will pay... I'm so cold...I'm so cold...
So, with my 3am logic, I walked into our bedroom and hovered over him while he was sleeping. I kept standing there breathing like Darth Vadar..., thinking that would wake him. Noooo, I finally had to say "HUSBAND!"
"Whaaa, Whaa? Wha are you thoing? (Husband wears a mouth guard).
I hissed "It's so cold in here, my teeth are chattering, the girls are coughing, you are making them sick, just so sick, I'm f*&%cking FREEZING IN THIS HOUSE!
"Whaa? Whaa?"
I basically blamed him for the whole family being sick and I threw in the war in Iraq while I was at it.
"Honey, he said, "the heat has never changed, it was the same thing last year as it is this year, there have been no changes." Snore..Snore..he went back to sleep and I was still left standing there, as cold as ever, so I had no choice but to go back to sleep, putting 2 more blankets over me.
So, the next morning, Husband says "so, what was with you last night? That was strange."
And I pulled out our dull Farberware kitchen knife and lunged toward him and said "I WILL NOT BE IGNORED!!!

Okay, so the last line is made up and I continue to suffer at night, but now I use our cats as feet warmers.
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