Tuesday, April 04, 2006

ANOTHER stuffed animal for Easter?

Here comes Easter...with all it's cute stuffed bunnies, chicks and little lambs. I ask you, does my daughter REALLY need anymore stuffed animals? This is just my youngest daughter's bed, and these are all the stuffed animals and dolls she has to sleep with. You have to put them all beside her pillow, and she really does know if one is missing. My oldest daughter has about 15 stuffed animals on her bed, and there are more in the spare bedroom, and MORE in the playroom, but I excuse those, since some are stuffed puppets, and they actually USE those.
If I had to guess: I would have to say we have about 50+ stuffed animals in our house. Now, I ask you, what kid really needs more than FIFTY stuffed animals? And I know that I'm not the only Mom out there who has this many, I know some who have MANY more!
Now when it comes time for garage sale time, you try to ask them to sell some and they wail 'oh nooo, we can't sell Biddy Boo!', even though Biddy-Boo has been under the bed for a month. I remember when I gave away a singing Elmo that didn't work anymore, I gave it to Goodwill. I totally forgot he was on 'top' of my Goodwill bag, so when I was putting the bag in the Goodwill truck, my Youngest Daughter saw Elmo going bye-bye...'MY ELMO, MY ELMO, WHAT ARE YOU DOING? WAHHHHH! I had to hear all week how I gave her Elmo to the man in the yellow truck...
Well, yes, you would think I would not buy anymore stuffed animals. But, if you notice in the photo, there is a little lamb named 'Shaun' from the Wallace & Gromit cartoon 'A Close Shave.' Youngest Daughter LOVES Wallace & Gromit, MORE than any Disney Princess or Hello Kitty! She even has Wallace & Gromit sheets. So, in her Easter basket, she will be getting not ONE, but TWO more stuffed animals: Gromit & a Rabbit from the Curse of the Were Rabbit!
P.S. And yes, we do give stuffed animals away to the local shelters on a regular basis, but I don't believe in giving away stuffed animals with rips or that looked totally used. I would rather give away new, cause those kids deserve it.
So, what does that bring our total up to? What's your stuffed animal total?
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