Monday, April 17, 2006

Doodles & Tag

Okay! I have been tagged by three bloggers, 'My Life in the Kid Zoo', Life in Mama Land and my sweetie, Sugar Mama. First off, I love to visit these mommy blogs and I am 'verklept' you all would think of me! You must like me, you really really like me! (okay, if you don't get that, you are too young to be reading this blog). Here are 6 things about me you may not know.
1. I am going to classes at a local university at night, to get my teaching credential. I get tired and I start doodling. Here is an example of tonight's doodles.
2. I'm a blue star eBay seller.
3. I don't like the saying 'Teach Tolerance.' To tolerate someone is to 'put up' with them and that's not the message to be sending.
4. I read 5 daily comic strips religiously: Dilbert, For Better of For Worse, Baby Blues, Luanne and Rhymes with Orange.
5. I love Barbara Kingsolver and one of my favorite books of all times is 'The Poisonwood Bible.'
6. We have adopted all 3 of our pets from pet adoption organizations and sometimes we love them more than our own children.
And that's the truth people.
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