Monday, May 08, 2006

Toys R Not Us

I remember going into a neighbors house and walking into her daughters room, and noticing a very small basket of toys. I'm talking teeny tiny. And the Mom said 'we used to have a bunch of toys, but all she really plays with are those, so we gave everything away.'
WHAT? COULD THIS ACTUALLY WORK?? This little girl was only about 4 years old, and she was perfectly content on playing with the stack of cards and listening to her music box. She seemed well adjusted...
I do have to add that this family was from France...does that make a difference? Do Europeans know something about scaling back the crap that I don' t know?
I'm looking at our playroom as I type this. Its a wreck. We are having a garage sale in a month and I plan to make a clean sweep. GET OUT OF HERE all you worthless McDonalds toys! How many calories did you make me eat to get you??
I have to REALLY REALLY think what my daughters play with now. If I could pick a FEW things to keep...
Oldest Daughter: arts & crafts projects, coloring books and workbooks, play dough (much to Husband's dismay who HATES how messy it gets).
Youngest Daughter: Barbies, Kellies, Pretty Ponies, Lil Pets, arts and crafts, computer games, Polly Pockets, etc. etc., etc... okay, she's the problem, she wouldn't survive in France.
Hmmm, I really do think toy manufacturers sit in meetings saying 'What kind of crap can we convince parents to buy for their kids now? Yes, I was even taken in at Christmas with those damn Doodle Bears that are sitting there all scribbled on and not washed!
And, I'm definately not throwing away this Barbie Tent, our cats are now using it for hide and seek! At least this playtoy got a second chance!
What's the worst toy purchase you have ever made?
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