Sunday, May 14, 2006

Blisters on My Special Day

Yes, the day we decide to go to San Francisco, it felt like it was friggin' 90 degrees (though it SAID it was only 71!). Sis and I were looking very cute to go to our play today on our Mothers Day outing, we even got to SF early to do a little 'window' shopping near Union Square. We caught our bus to go into the city center and broke down. We decided we would just walk down Market St since we were too cheap to hail down a cab. 2 miles later, I was sweating like a pig from the heat and had blisters from my cute white sparkle flip flops...not exactly hiking shoes here. Though, I do have to say, we were wished 'A Happy Mothers Day' from many homeless people and even though they shook their 7-11 empty cups at us, that doesn't mean their sentiment wasn't heartfelt. One of them even asked me to 'plant one right here baby' as he pointed to his cheek. God knows he could have pointed somewhere else so I just said "Thanks, but no thanks!"
I do have to say that sis fared better than I once we finally got to the theater off of Union Square. She is a marathon runner and all she had to do was put on a little lipstick to look fresh as a daisy. I, on the other hand, looked like a drowned rat with sweat under my pits and most of my makeup melted down my face. This theater had such a tiny bathroom, there was no room to do a 'sink bath' or to do a complete make-up rehaul, so I just said 'fu*ck it.'
I felt sorry for anybody sitting next to me, but sis said I did not smell (that bad). The play was so hilarous that any mascara that was left on my eyelids, was rubbed off from my crying with laughter (The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee).
Husband did well with the kids all day and took them swimming with the cousins. When we got home from SF, he had made some 'Nascar' spicy chicken wings and made some margaritas. Because I was in such a frenzy to get my brunch done for my own Mom this morning, I couldn't take a photo of the yummy french toast. But, here is a picture of the Mothers Day lunch my kids made me yesterday. The menu: Diet Dr. Pepper in a cup. Chex cereal without milk. A Banana. Some Mexican Sweet Bread. 15 Red Grapes and some old minature carrots. Jelly Beans from Easter for dessert. Ahhh, how sweet!
Hope your Mothers Day was good, its okay to vent or brag about your day on your comments! I'm here for you baby!
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