Wednesday, May 17, 2006

New Renter & My Deep Blog Thoughts

Howdy all you fine people out there. Yes, I get to say words like 'Howdy' and 'Ya'll' cause I've spent MANY of my youthful summers in the scorching heat of the great state of Texas, visiting relatives.
I'm a new slumlord now! My new tenant is Clusterfook, and she likes to keep her posts short & sarcastic...yet, honest. I like that. Plus, she was the first to bid on my space, so I rewarded her for her quick draw. Smart cookie. She's fun and she is also renting her space to the Daily Bitch, and I just love all this bitchiness going on here! Clusterfook dedicated her post to LiveStrong day...wear yellow today in support of cancer awarness. Will Do!
DEEEP BLOG THOUGHTS (cue mystical music...yes, I'm ripping of SNL's DEEP THOUGHTS)
1. I blog, therefore I am.... I am WHAT? A needy bloggin' whore who loves comments even though she says it doesn't matter.
2. Cliques in Blogland. Yes, people group together becomes of their personalities. You can't stop this from happening, it just does. All we can do is support each other, and if ya don't like what I have to say...move it along missy and mister. HOWEVER, if you have a post that I feel is racist or totally abusive towards women...I WILL comment (with utmost repsect of course) saying that 'I don't agree...'' Thats your freedom of speech and I respect it, but I won't come back.
3. There are many personal diary and parenting blogs I like to read that have over 25 comments...I don't feel the need to add my comment unless I REALLY REALLY feel compelled to do so. Doesn't make me stop reading these popular blogs.
4. My blogroll: It's obviously small. I try to do 'shout out's' as much as possible, rather than blogrolling. I also like to change by blogroll every couple of months and rotate my favorite blogs. I never blogroll any blogs that don't comment on mine. I just figure they have so much traffic, they don't need my measly mention.
I would like to thank Bridgermama for starting this conversation... (ya see, I DO do shout-outs!).
Go wear something yellow!
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