Thursday, May 18, 2006

Deleted post, Gavin Lust

I had HUGE problems with my blog yesterday. It seriously was giving me ulcers. It was very out of whack for most of the day and then when I went to edit my post I ended up deleting my post. It's now past midnight and I don't have the energy to post the same thing...once its gone, I'm done.
Part of the post though, was that I so adore SF Mayor Gavin Newsom. I want him to take me to a SF gala where he has to wear a tux and me a big ball gown and we dance the night away while drinking French champagne. I think Husband would be okay with that since he hasn't worn a tux since his senior ball, and I think it was a powder blue one at that.
I wrote Mayor Newsom a nice card after he started advocating for gay marriage rights and I actually got a letter back from his office saying 'please don't stalk the mayor.' No, he really wrote in his own handwriting in big black pen 'THANKS FOR YOUR KIND WORDS!!' He could have had many assistants write that thank you, but he must have heard the desperation in my words and offered me a small nugget of his kindness.
A lot of people got on him for giving out marriage certificates to gay couples and saying he lost us the election. They said he pushed gay marriage to the forefront and the Democratic party didn't want to focus on that issue in 2004. But, phooey I say.
"The time is always right to do what is right" (MLK) and that's what he did.
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