Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Mommy Gene Simmons Comes Out Again

I call this my 'Gene Simmons Kiss Face'. It comes out more that I would like it to. I am working on more 'Mommy Kiss Faces', but all my creative time is taken up with watching season finales this week. I have wrote about her before, but she came by to visit again...
So on Sunday morning, I had snack duty for daughter's softball game. Because I found out only the day before (thanks sis!), this snack was going to be store bought Krispy Kreme donughts. Everything was going smoothly: in the store, picked up boxes of donughts, daughters behaved well and and got back to car. Very smooth. We are still okay here.
You know how you have the car door open and you are leaning over to strap in your little one and wipe nose, give them goldfish, or whatever that you are taking up a bit of the next empty parking space because 1) your car door is very wide or in my case 2) your butt is very wide. Anyhoo, I try to be very conscience of this fact, so if its a crowded parking lot, I will do any 'extras' later. This means I just strap in and go. I don' t wipe boogers, I don't give out sippies. I just go to free up my space. You have to remember I live in a very crowded Valley, with many people who are very frenzied and harried. I fit in quite well.
Well, this particular quiet Sunday morning, there was pretty much an empty parking lot in front of this grocery store, PLENTY of spaces all around. So, I was very surprised to hear a car idling...waiting for the empty space next to mine, as I was bending over to put Youngest Daughter in her car seat. I looked up. I looked around. I saw bazillion empty spaces. I went back to buckeling, and arranging, and wiping. I still hear the car idling...waiting. And then, I lost it a little. 'Gene Simmons Kiss Face' starts to morph my face and I stood up and said:
'BUDDY! LOOK AROUND (and I waved my hands so he could see the vastness of empty parking spaces) THERE ARE PLENTY OF SPACES! BUT, NOOOO! YOU HAVE TO WAIT FOR MINE! And then some fire came out of my mouth, but since I was a bit hungover, it was more like just puffs of smoke with a spark.
You would think this older gentelman would have gone on to one of those empty spaces after seeing my 'Gene Simmons Kiss' face. He did not. He waited. So, I slooowly made sure my girls were properly in the car seats before I turned the key to leave. And of course, after he pulled in and I pulled out, I rolled down the window and yelled' HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY NOT HAVING TO WALK THOSE TWO EXTRA FEET!'
Wow. What a role model I'm being for my girls, huh? I'm just taking it day by day here folks.
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