Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Why you crying Mama?

You know when your pms-ing, how weepy you get. I know I have written about this before, but WHY DO PEOPLE AND ANIMALS ALWAYS HAVE TO DIE IN DISNEY MOVIES? My kids were watching Brother Bear and I caught a snippet, and just the opening scene when they were running after the bear trying to kill it made me start sniffling. When I went back to see if the movie was almost over, the mama bear was coming back from heaven to hold her cub, Koda and the spirits were turning the young man back into a bear so he could take care of Koda. All these spirits coming back from the other side! A Mama Bear is gone but looking down on her cub from Heaven! The brother from Heaven is trying to show his other brothers not to kill and to honor nature! The weepy music! Let's start the waterworks people. I had to quickly go to the sink to pretend to do dishes so my daughters wouldn't see me crying.
I remember my Mom taking us to see E.T. way back when. The part where Elliott flies up into the sky with his bike, was more than I could handle. Let's not even talk about when E.T. says goodbye. But, I was a teenager and hormonal anyway, so it was okay to cry. I will never forget though, a little boy was sitting on his Daddy's lap in front of me and the boy said, 'Daddy, why are you crying?'
Though, on a cheery note, I did take my kids to go see 'Over the Hedge' and it was just all out good fun. Loved the characters and it just made us all laugh.
Let's have more of those cheery movies please...I'm begging the animators, for my sanity and for both my daughters. And, so I won't have to go digging around for used Kleenex in my purse in a dark theater. Thank you.
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