Sunday, June 04, 2006

My Own Ads

This is why I could never be an ad copywriter...I speak the truth. I found this ad in our Sunday coupon section this morning for $2.00 off some tampons and other 'feminine' necessities. The woman in the ad was faceless and was wearing such a hipster outfit! Well, that needed to change with my Magic Markers! So, here is my ad copy for my new 'feminine' product (though when we talk about being feminine in our society, that doesn't really conjure up images of monthly massive hemorhaging...well, wait a minute, what if you wearing a pink bow while it was happening?) .
New Krotchex
Now Double Comfort and Legendary Protection. Double the comfort that feels just like a babies diaper and legendary protection because for the first time, a pad actually works.
The wings don't actually fly right off but will stick to your panties so you will have to grab it with both hands to pull it off and make a bloody mess.
No one said this time is an easy one for you, but with Krotchex pads, we expect you to have fits. Period.

On another note, please check out my new renter, Self-Proclaimed Supermom. She's funny and she posted such a great wedding photo of her and her sis. I LOVE black and white wedding photos!
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