Friday, June 02, 2006

Dirk & Betsy

"But, honey, with the Kenmore 5000 Washer & Dryer could do like, 20 LOADS of laundry in ONE day...and the salesman says it even gets off all those skidmarks you hate doing by hand! THINK OF IT!" It will save you time so you can get dinner started earlier!!
"Well...I mean...I just don't know seem so excited about this. AM I supposed to be excited? Am I supposed to be happy about doing wash? I mean, I have my Masters for Godsakes!"
"Honey, Please! You overthink things! Didn't your mama tell you that you would have to do this once you got married and have a family?"
"No, not really. She said I was bright and my good grades would lead me to a good career and ...*sniff* I BELIEVED HER!"
"As always, I have to crack your fantasy bubble. All that feminist shit you were fed, did not tell you that no matter how high you climb up that career ladder, you would still be expected to do all the housework as well. Why is it that I always look like the bad guy here for telling you the truth about life?"
"Oh, Dirk, your not the bad guy. It's ME. I'm the bad wife and mother. I should WANT to do all these chores...I'll change, I promise! How about a martini?"
"That's my girl. That's my girl."
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